Congratulations to all the prize winners at the 7th DBE Research Day!

Award Ceremony 7th Research Day

This year in addition to the traditional prizes for the three best DBE Research Day posters, a prize for the best Course of the Master's Program as well as for the best Master's Thesis were awarded. And the winners are...

The poster committee awarded the 1st (300CHF), 2nd (200CHF) and 3rd (100CHF) prizes to Alina Senst, Manuela Monti and Massimiliano Fillipozzi respectively.

The AMT Center lead by Najat Salameh and Mathieu Sarracanie was distinguished for its "Hands-on Magentic Resonance Imaging" course.

Thanks to her excellent work, Celine Berger won the 1st prize for the Best Master's Thesis and was rewarded with 1000CHF offered by the Zäslin Teaching Grant. Finally, to inaugurate the first award ceremony of the DBE Master's program, the Zäslin Teaching Grant generously decided to award three further students for their work: Carina Luchsinger Salinas, Lucas Wey and Aleksandra Ivanovic who won the 2nd, 3rd and 4th prizes respectively!

The DBE is proud to congratulate these remarkable students and researchers!

More pictures and some impressions of the research day are available here