This was the Medical Robotics Week and CURAC 2023


This year, the Medical Robotics Week consisted of a workshop series, the CURAC 2023 conference and the Innovation Booster Robotics. Hosted by Georg Rauter and his BIROMED-Lab at the Department of Biomedical Engineering, the event showcased the fact Basel is well on its way to becoming a medical robotics hotspot.

140 participants heard almost 60 talks on three different streams: Medical Robotics Week workshops, the CURAC 2023 conference, and the Innovation Booster Robotics. The visionary event took place in the equally visionary Biozentrum, the appropriate venue for this endeavor. In five booths, the main sponsors StäubliBeckhoffBHS Technologies, and Fraunhofer, as well as the conference organizer presented their visions for better healthcare through technological innovation.

Speakers from all over the world showed that the integration of engineering and robotics into clinical problem solving is highly effective. Robots are already successfully assisting in prevention, diagnosis, monitoring, therapy, and rehabilitation. And the future prospects are even brighter, because current successes are encouraging engineers and clinicians to pursue further collaborative projects.

The annual Medical Robotics Week and CURAC serve the goal of bringing together the puzzle pieces of new ideas and pushing deeper into previously unmapped areas of better healthcare.