Image Registration and Motion Modelling

Picturing breathing-induced organ movement is one of the biggest challenges in medical imaging. We pick up this challenge by combining Image Registration and Motion Modelling, in order to synchronize e.g. MRI and ultrasound scans or MRI and HIFU treatment. Therefore the group studies and develops new methods for medical image registration and abdominal motion modelling with particular applications for abdominal noninvasive treatment and diagnostics. Projects range from ultrasound-guided proton therapy of the lung and liver, tumor treatment planning for HIFU treatment for kidney and liver to early detection of chronic lung diseases and growing human choroid and retina.The challenges which arise in these fields are manifold. Particular foci in the research group lie in: medical image registration considering sliding organ boundaries, statistical motion modelling for motion prediction based on surrogates, HIFU treatment planning with consideration of temporal heat diffusion.