BMC Classes at FHNW and University of Basel

C38 Characterizing Materials in Medicine: Nanoscience

Spring Semester 2024
Time: Thur 13:15-17:00
Location: University Basel, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Hegenheimermattweg 167B, Allschwil, room B02.097
Lecturers: Bert Müller, Hans Deyle, Mattia Humbel, Beate Lyko
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C01 Atomic View to Materials

Autumn Semester 2023
Time: Wed 8:30-10:30
Location: FHNW HLS Muttenz, room 01.W.09
Lecturers: Michael de Wild and Bert Müller, Tino Töpper, Klaus Mayer
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September 9Periodic table of elements; Bravais lattices;
September 27Chemical and physical bonds in condensed matter
October 4Polymeric solid states
October 11Surfaces and interfaces
October 18Preparation of surfaces for bone implants
October 25Crystal defects in medically relevant materials
November 1Simple crystal structures of elements and compounds
November 8Electrical and optical properties; Optical and electron microscopy
November 15Computed tomography for tissue and implant characterization
November 22Crystal and thin-film growth including online monitoring
November 29Materials and treatments in dentistry
December 6Small-angle X-ray scattering for materials and tissue characterization
December 13Experiments, error estimation/Statistics: Spectrometer, Pohl oscillator
December 20

Labtour and Q&A session: Demonstrations of surface and bulk characterizationmethods and systems

for additive manufacturing


C13 Materials Science and Biomaterials

Autumn Semester 2023
Time: Wed 10:30 - 12:30
Location: FHNW HLS Muttenz, room 02.O.03
Lecturers: Bert Müller and Michael de Wild, Madduri Srinivas
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September 20Introduction
September 27Atomic/molecular structure of condensed matter
October 4Polymeric solid states including their binding
October 11Polymers for medical implants including hydrogels
October 18Materials-tissue interface; Standards in biocompatibility testing
October 25Description of crystal defect.
November 1Characterization of materials – bulk and surface
November 8Natural and synthetic ceramics for implants and regenerative medicine; mechanical property
November 15Metal-based implants with focus on NiTi
November 22Formation of solid-state material
November 29Materials and technologies in oral health
December 6Artificial sphincters, Stimuli-responsive liposomes
December 13Sterilization methods, Mechanical testing of implants, fractograph
December 20

Materials selection in implant design; Employing materials science for improving human health:

Example brain-computer interface; Q&A session



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