BMC Education

Student projects 

There are several projects for students to work on as a semester/diploma/master thesis dealing with cutting edge research. Please ask Prof. Dr. Müller ( for details.


We offer lectures in our area of expertise for students at the FHNW, University of Basel and ETH Zurich. 
More details can be found on our course webpages FHNW and University of Basel and ETH Zurich and in the course catalogues of FHNW and University of Basel and ETH Zurich.

Prof. Müller received a commendation for excellence in teaching at ETH Zurich in fall 2008.

Master program in Biomedical Engineering 

We offer am Master program in Biomedical Engineering in collbaoration with FHNW. Find detailed information here.

PhD program in Biomedical Engineering 

We offer our PhD students to receive a PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Basel.