BMC Classes at ETH Zurich

Physics in Medical Research: From Atoms to Cells 

Lecture HS 2023
Fri 13:45-16:30
ETH Zurich, HCI H 8.1

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September 22Aim of the lecture series – Nanotechnology for human health
September 29Prerequisites to study and image the skin of crystals
October 6The skin of crystals and their growth
October 13Tailoring nanostructures: Island density and island size distribution
October 20Island shapes: Quantification and related atomic processes
October 27Strain-relieving defect structures during heteroepitaxial growth
November 3Visualization of the human body down to the atomic level using hard X rays
November 10Diffraction to evaluate nanostructures on surfaces
November 17Combination of electron diffraction and electron energy loss spectroscopy
November 24Interactions of visible light with nanostructures (nanophotonics)
December 1Nanostructures on polymer surfaces
December 8Physical methods in cell biology and beyond; Mechanics of the cell and cell-materials interactions
December 15Nanotechnology-based smart materials for medical implants
December 22Using physics to understand the human body down to the nanometer scale: Overview and repetition



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