PD Dr. Athina Papadopoulou

Athina Papadopoulou is a neurologist working as an attending physician ("Oberärztin") in the University Hospital of Basel. Her research focuses on the use of imaging methods (magnetic resonance imaging, optical coherence tomography) to understand and quantify neurodegenerative processes in the visual pathway and the entire central nervous system. Moreover, she is interested in multi-disciplinary therapeutic approaches in multiple sclerosis (e.g. music therapy). 



Dr. Athina Papadopoulou

PD Dr. Athina Papadopoulou

Principal Investigator
University Hospital Basel
Petersgraben 4
4031 Basel

Research Areas

  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT) as a marker of cognitive impairment in Multiple Sclerosis (MS): a study investigating the use of OCT measures as markers of neuroaxonal loss in the Central Nervous System and thus of cognitive impairment in patients with MS
  • Structural and functional assessment of the visual pathway in MS and other neuroinflammatory diseases: a study using OCT, visual evoked potentials and quantitative MRI to assess novel markers of visual dysfunction (e.g. LGN volume) and understand the dynamics of trans-synaptic neurodegeneration in the visual pathway (e.g. after optic neuritis)
  • Associations between OCT- and MRI measures (white matter lesions, brain volume) with serum neurofilaments, comorbidities and cognitive status in healthy volunteers

Research Team

Marc Stössel

Marc Stössel

Doctoral candidate


Nuria Cerda Fuertes, MD

Dr. Nuria Cerda Fuertes



Katarina Ebner

Dr. Katarina Ebner 




Jenni Kuhlmann