Is it possible to regenerate damaged neural tissue? The answer is critical and challenging. Currently there are no clinical options for complete regeneration of damaged neural tissues in Humans. Neural tissue lacks intrinsic capacity, particularly in the central nervous system, to regenerate and further, it needs complex requirements to overcome the extrinsic barriers. Within this context, identification of mechanisms underlying the incomplete neural regeneration, activation of intrinsic growth program and orchestration of extrinsic permissive microenvironment collectively represent the biggest challenge in regenerative medicine. Our research is focused on discovering the ways for faster and efficient neural regeneration with maximal functional restoration. For this, multidisciplinary approaches involving experimental, (i.e., novel biomaterials research, bioengineering, cell and tissue technologies, and drug delivery), medical and surgical treatment are essential. 

  • Bioengineering of neural grafts
  • Drug delivery and immunomodulation 
  • Nerve fibrosis 
  • Neuromuscular regeneration
  • Injectable hydrogels for cell delivery 
  • Bioactive nanomaterials for neural tissue engineering applications