Equal Opportunities & Diversity in the Swiss MAM Team

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Diversity & Equal Opportunities

We are proud to stand alongside those committed to fighting racism, inequality, and social injustice and will always look to create a safe environment for people of all colors, social statuses, and backgrounds. At Swiss MAM, we have always taken an inclusive, equal opportunity position with our employees, partners, patients, and customers. While this has always been our clear message, we would still like to reiterate that we take an uncompromising stand against any form of discrimination under any circumstances.

With a deep-rooted responsibility to drive change globally, the Swiss MAM group remains committed to the values of diversity and inclusion. We will lead by example and ally with those on the front lines of social justice.

Be YOU at the Swiss MAM Team!

The SWISS MAM team members come from all walks of life. Our diverse and inclusive culture empowers each of us to connect and grow. We celebrate multiple approaches, talents and points of view. We welcome exceptional individuals from diverse backgrounds not just because it is the right thing to do, but also because it strengthens our group.

We believe diversity fosters creativity and innovation.  So we are building a culture where differences are valued.

Join the Swiss MAM group

Initative applications are always welcome. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Status August 2023