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CAD Service

Tailored CAD Services for Your Innovation Journey

A professional CAD service is the cornerstone of successful product development. Our CAD services are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients, especially university and Industrial customers. Let us show you how our expertise can elevate your projects to the next level.

CAD Service as a Cost-Effective Alternative

3D CAD often serves as a cost-effective alternative to 3D scanning. Instead of intricate scans, technical components with clear shapes can be digitally transformed directly. This saves time and resources that would be required for a 3D scan.

Norm-Compliant CAD Data for Production

Our 3D CAD data is directly suitable for manufacturing components, whether through 3D printing, milling, or injection molding. We create norm-compliant technical drawings that can be used for both production and patent applications. Simulating component functions enables us to identify potential weaknesses early on.

Interdisciplinary Expertise for Your Projects

Our team of experienced 3D CAD designers follows an interdisciplinary approach. We combine the technical expertise of engineers with the creativity of designers to develop customized solutions. Whether you have a rough idea or a detailed product concept, we bring your vision to life.

Holistic Solutions in Medicine

Our unique strength lies in the medical application of CAD. As pioneers, we have successfully developed and certified patient-specific implants made from PEEK – a breakthrough in medical technology. This expertise, combined with our close ties to research groups within the University of Basel and the Swiss Medical Additive Manufacturing Research Group, enables us to take a holistic approach to medical projects.

CAD Service

CAD Everywhere Innovation is Needed

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design, which means computer-assisted design. This technology permeates almost every aspect of life and serves as the foundation for developing products that enhance our daily lives. From initial concepts to manufacturing, products are planned, tested, and simulated using CAD designs. We go a step further by offering you the ability to transform existing objects into digital models.