Our Services

Data Preparation for 3D Printing

Do you require flexibility, durability, stability, precision, or true-to-life colors in your 3D
prints? When your 3D objects demand more than aesthetics, professional data preparation
becomes critical. The quality of your data directly influences the precision of your 3D
components. Whether it's architecture, mechanical engineering, or dental technology, we
understand the importance of creating and preparing CAD data.
We specialize in digitization and seamlessly convert your data into formats compatible with
manufacturing processes. Whether you need expert support in preparing data for 3D printing
or ensuring it meets industry standards, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

3D-Printing Service


From replacement parts to prototypes, artistic creations, or medical products, we offer tailored 3D printing solutions. Whether it's a single piece or a large production run, we're equipped to bring your ideas to life.

You provide the concept, and we handle the translation into print-ready data, method selection, and material choice. Even if your vision is in its early stages, we excel at transforming ideas into precise and functional 3D objects.

In just five days, we'll deliver your high-quality product, produced on state-of-the-art equipment and meticulously finished by our team of 3D specialists.

Our services cater to the medical, research, and industrial sectors, ensuring your specific requirements are met with precision. We can produce medical parts using biocompatible materials, highlighting our commitment to advancing healthcare and research.

3D CAD Services


Do you have a concept, a medical device idea, or a research project that needs precise digital modeling? We specialize in crafting detailed digital prototypes, medical device designs, and research models, providing comprehensive three-dimensional visualizations.

Our CAD services offer versatility, particularly beneficial for the medical and research fields. Imagine having the ability to rotate and optimize a medical device prototype on-screen before production. Or consider the advantages of scanning and digitally enhancing complex anatomical structures for medical research.

We are well-versed in industry-standard software programs, prepared to meet the specific demands of your medical or research project. Trust us to bring your medical innovations and research concepts to life with precision.

3D Scanning Services


In the medical and research realms, our 3D scanning services offer unparalleled capabilities. Whether it's a critical medical device component, a research specimen, or a complex laboratory environment, we have the technology and expertise to scan and digitize elements essential to our field.

What sets us apart is our ability to utilize advanced scanning techniques such as micro-CT and CT scanning, capturing intricate details within organic materials and components. Whether you need to examine the finest structures within a part or analyze organic matter with precision, our scanning services provide the clarity and accuracy demanded by the medical and research sectors.

Our scanning services extend beyond data capture; we meticulously prepare scanned data for seamless integration with manufacturing and research processes specific to the medical and research domains.

Advanced 3D Segmentation Services


In the specialized domains of medical and research, our 3D segmentation services offer an array of cutting-edge capabilities. Whether you're dealing with intricate anatomical structures, specialized medical device components, or research data obtained through CT scans, we bring technological expertise and precision to segment and extract crucial details.

What differentiates us is our adeptness in employing advanced segmentation techniques, even from micro-CT and CT scans. This proficiency enables us to unveil and accurately delineate intricacies within organic materials and components. Whether your project entails in-depth analysis or precision segmentation, our segmentation services are engineered to meet the demands of the medical and research sectors.

Our segmentation services extend beyond data extraction; we prepare segmented data for seamless integration into medical diagnosis, treatment planning, and research processes.

Advanced 3D Modeling Services


In the dynamic arenas of medical, research, and more, our 3D modeling services unveil a world of possibilities. We employ specialized, certified software, ensuring precision and compliance in these sensitive domains.

What sets us apart is our diverse capabilities. We excel in medical and clinical modeling and craft 3D models for surgical training devices, industrial components, and projects requiring intricate design features. We also employ Computer-Aided Topology Optimization to engineer components for maximum efficiency and performance.

Whether it's anatomical models for medical training, complex industrial parts, or innovative topology optimization, our 3D modeling services are a testament to our commitment to providing tailored solutions for the medical, research, and industrial sectors.

Product Development Service


In the ever-evolving landscape of product development, our Product Development services pave the way for limitless innovation. Powered by specialized, certified software, we ensure unmatched precision and compliance across various industries.

What distinguishes us is our comprehensive skill set. We specialize in product development, offering expertise in conceptualization, design, and prototyping. From consumer goods to high-tech gadgets, we craft intricate 3D models tailored to your exact specifications.

Our proficiency extends to employing cutting-edge techniques such as Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to optimize product performance and durability. Whether it's refining existing designs or bringing entirely new concepts to life, our team excels in delivering solutions that exceed expectations.

Whether you require sleek prototypes for market testing or detailed models for manufacturing, our 3Product development services are a testament to our dedication to providing tailored solutions for the product development sector.