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For organic shapes, freeform surfaces, or artisanal craftsmanship, 3D modeling is a better fit than traditional 3D CAD designs. Our interdisciplinary team includes specialized biomedical engineers who excel in creating 3D data using 3D modeling and 3D sculpting techniques, particularly in areas such as organic features and implant design.

This technology is ideal for crafting jewelry pieces or producing ergonomically optimized components. Through the use of modeling tools, we can manipulate components on the computer screen, similar to shaping clay. By "pushing," "pulling," and "sculpting," we mold the model into the desired form.

Especially in the production of designer objects like lamps or furniture, 3D modeling technology has been utilized for years. In contrast, CAD models are based on mathematical shapes. Therefore, with our 3D modeling service, you can undoubtedly save significant time and costs when shaping highly complex and/or organic models.

Advanced 3D Modeling in medical Application

In the realm of medical research and applications, precision and intricacy are paramount. That's where our specialized team of biomedical engineers, with expertise in medical 3D modeling of organic structures and implants, comes into play.

Medical Expertise Meets 3D Modeling Mastery

Our interdisciplinary team is at the forefront of innovation, fusing biomedical knowledge with cutting-edge 3D modeling techniques. This unique combination allows us to excel in the creation of highly detailed, organic structures and implant designs for various medical applications.

Crafting Precision for Healthcare Advancements

Imagine crafting patient-specific anatomical models with the utmost precision, replicating intricate organic features, or developing implant designs tailored to individual needs. With our 3D modeling service, these possibilities become a reality.

Applications Beyond Conventional Boundaries

Enabling in-depth research by providing precise 3D models for experimentation and analysis.

Supporting medical professionals with custom-designed tools, surgical guides, and anatomical models.

Revolutionizing the field of implants by creating patient-specific designs that optimize comfort and functionality.

Enhancing medical education with realistic training models that replicate organic structures with unmatched accuracy.

Your Partner in Medical Innovation

With our dedicated team of biomedical engineers and 3D modeling specialists, we are your partners in driving advancements in medical research and applications. From the conceptualization of innovative ideas to the creation of intricate 3D models, we are committed to delivering excellence, precision, and innovation in every project.

Discover the Power of Medical 3D Modeling

Explore the vast potential of medical 3D modeling with us. Unleash the capabilities that come from seamlessly blending medical expertise with state-of-the-art 3D modeling techniques. Together, we can redefine the boundaries of medical research and application.

The Difference Between 3D CAD and 3D Modeling

3D CAD programs are designed for planning, construction, manufacturing, and assembly. Parts designed with CAD are highly technical and usually consist of well-defined edges and surfaces created using mathematical algorithms. Modern 3D CAD software excels in modeling surfaces and/or volumes, detailing components to manufacturing drawings, creating parts lists, and machine control (CNS).

3D modeling programs follow a different approach and provide a real alternative to 3D CAD. 3D modeling is suitable for organic, soft freeforms. The tools used in 3D modeling have been continuously improved for decades. While the ability to construct freeform surfaces using CAD is relatively recent, our 3D technicians, equipped with the latest tools, can create sophisticated products. We can continue to use the data for additive manufacturing and physically realize your project. Additionally, we offer the conversion of models into CAD-readable STEP files.

We offer both: 3D modeling services and 3D CAD services, selecting the most efficient method for your project.

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Empowering Medical Innovation with Certified Software Expertise

In our relentless pursuit of excellence in medical applications, we leave no stone unturned. To further amplify our capabilities, we employ specialized and certified software tailored explicitly for medical use.

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Revolutionizing 3D Modeling with Advanced Haptic Technology

We utilize advanced haptic technology that provides an exceptional tactile experience during our 3D modeling processes. This cutting-edge hardware enables our team to feel and interact with digital models as if they were physical objects, greatly enhancing precision and control. This technology is particularly valuable in medical applications, research, and various industries, allowing us to create highly accurate and realistic virtual models and simulations, leading to better results and innovations in your projects.

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