Robert Bing Prize to Cristina Granziera, Mira Katan Kahles and Johannes Gräff!

The Robert Bing Prize 2022 goes to three remarkable clinical and experimental neuro- scientists: Cristina Granziera and Mira Katan Kahles, Professors of Neurology at the University Hospital in Basel, are each distinguished for their work on biomarkers for the diagnostics and monitoring of disorders such as multiple sclerosis and stroke. Cristina Granziera bridges the gap between biomedical engineering and clinical application as researcher at the Department of Biomedical Engineering. 

January 2023

Progression-independent-of-relapses is associated with brain and cortical atrophy

MedPageToday article on "Silent Progression in Relapsing MS Tied to Brain Volume Loss":

Healio article on "Relapsing MS patients exhibit accelerated brain atrophy":

JAMA Neurology article "Association of Brain Atrophy With Disease Progression Independent of Relapse Activity in Patients With Relapsing MS":


May 2022

Forbes Health Science talk on "Quantitative Markers for Covid-19 Brain Injury"

Neurological consequences of Covid-19 and Post-Acute Sequelae of Covid-19 (PASC), also known as Long Covid.

Welcome to Dr. Mario Alberto Ocampo Pineda

Dr. Mario Alberto Ocampo Pineda as the new PostDoc in the ThINk group led by Prof. Cristina Granziera. Mario did a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Verona, where he developed methods for processing MRI to describe brain tissue. In the ThINk group, he will be part of the team responsible for processing and managing the images and data of the group.  


March 2022


Antonia Wenger received the prestigious MAGNIMS-ECTRIMS fellowship 2022!!!


March 2022

News Medical Life Sciences talk on "Changes in the brain cortex of COVID-19 patients associated with inflammatory biomarkers"

In the present study, researchers assessed several neurological symptoms and their linkage with clinical indicators of inflammatory processes in hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

February 2022

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Cristina Granziera was elected as a new member of the executive board of the Department of Biomedical Engineering.


November 2021

ISMRM 2021

9 abstracts accepted, 4 oral presentations, 2 summa cum laude awards and 1 first prize for the best oral presentation in the prestigeous "Quantitative MRI Study group" (Dr. R. Rahmanzadeh)

Prof. C. Granziera gave a plenary lecture in the session "Microstructure: Richness of Scales & Contrasts"

Further Prof. C. Granziera is the new Secretary of the ISMRM "White Matter Study Group"!!!

20th of June 2021


Swiss MS Society

Prof. C. Granziera is the new Co-President of MWB (Medizinisch-Wissenschaftlicher-Beirat)!!!



20th of June 2021

The recently accepted work of Maggi P. ....C. Granziera was commented by an editorial entitled:

Ongoing Axonal Injury in Chronic Active Lesions in Multiple Sclerosis: In-Vivo Quantification Using Serum Neurofilament. Preziosa P, Schoonheim MM. Neurology. 2021 Jun 4:10.1212/WNL.0000000000012331. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000012331.

20th of June 2021

Funding of CSC!!!

PhD candidate X. Chen got the funding of the China Scholarship Council (CSC) successfully!!!



20th of June 2021

12 abstracts accepted:

2 orals, 4 power-pitches and 6 posters!!!

5th of February 2020


New grant!!!

Eurostar 2020 MS-CONNECT: we will develop unique tools to integrate clinical data with advanced imaging data, yielding a wiring diagram of all neuronal connections (connectomics).

This is a collaborative projects with  Prof. Gueurts and Schoenheim (Vu University Medical Center), Biomax Informatics AG and PPi Healthcare Consulting Limited.

29th of January 2020




Welcome to Dr. Alexandra Todea, Neuroradiologist

Alexandra will lead a collaborative effort with Neuroradiology USB, to evaluate clinical decision and interpretation support tools in neuroradiology.

29th of January 2020


Welcome to Dr. Alessandro Cagol, neurologist and visiting scholar from University of Milano

Alessandro will work on longitudinal volumentric analysis in the Swiss Ms cohort.

29th of January 2020