12 abstracts accepted:

2 orals, 4 power-pitches and 6 posters!!!


5th of February 2020

New grant!!!

Eurostar 2020 MS-CONNECT: we will develop unique tools to integrate clinical data with advanced imaging data, yielding a wiring diagram of all neuronal connections (connectomics).

This is a collaborative projects with  Prof. Gueurts and Schoenheim (Vu University Medical Center), Biomax Informatics AG and PPi Healthcare Consulting Limited.


29th of January 2020

Welcome to Dr Alexandra Todea, Neuroradiologist

Alexandra will lead a collaborative effort with Neuroradiology USB, to evaluate clinical decision and interpretation support tools in neuroradiology.


29th of January 2020

Welcome to Dr Alessandro Cagol, neurologist and visiting scholar from University of Milano

Alessandro will work on longitudinal volumentric analsysis in the Swiss Ms cohort.


29th of January 2020