Dr. med. Alissa Gübeli

Research Topic: Patient specific treatment in hand surgery

Background and Research Interest

Alissa Gübeli studied medicine at the University Zurich and is specializing in hand surgery, currently as a resident at Kantonsspital Baselland. In 2019 she obtained a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Clinical Trial Management, which allows her to conduct clinical trials as Principal Investigator. She is part of a research team focussing on hand surgery related topics in both clinical and non-clinical studies. On-going clinical projects include patient specific treatment using in-house 3D-printing technology, the analysis of joint kinematics and development of thumb carpometacarpal arthritis using 4D computer tomography imaging and the relation of implant-associated low grade infections with wrist arthrofibrosis.

Her goal is to implement the insights of her research in her daily clinical work to optimize patient treatment.

Alissa Guebeli

Dr. med. Alissa Gübeli

Rheinstrasse 26
4410 Liestal, Switzerland 

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