Enrico Coppo

Research Topic: Patient specific treatment in hand surgery

Background and Research Interest

Enrico Coppo graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Turin, Italy, and is specializing in hand surgery, currently working as a resident at Kantonsspital Baselland. He is part of a research team focusing on patient-specific treatment in hand surgery, both in clinical and non-clinical studies. On-going clinical projects include the evaluation of long-term results after correction osteotomy of the thumb in early thumb carpometacarpal arthritis.

At pre-clinical level he is investigating the possible applications of robotic assisted surgery in hand procedures. His main aim is to evaluate the feasibility of this technology and prove its safety and significance with pre-clinical trials, in order to be able to implement it in his daily clinical work to optimize patient treatment. 

Enrico Coppo

Enrico Coppo

Rheinstrasse 26
4410 Liestal, Switzerland