Dr. med. Marco Keller

Research Topic: Patient specific treatment in hand surgery

Background and Research Interest

Marco Keller is a consultant hand surgeon who currently works at the Kantonsspital Baselland. He finished his studies in medicine at the University of Zürich. After completing his hand surgery training in different countries, he obtained his European Board of Hand Surgery (FESSH) Diploma in 2019.

His current research projects focus on patient-specific treatment in hand surgery. Some topics of on-going research projects are the application of 3D-Printing in operative and non-operative treatment of hand injuries, visualization of joint kinematics with 4D computed tomography, the investigation of carpo-metacarpal arthritis of the thumb, the automated analysis of wrist fractures, the relation of implant-associated low-grade infections with wrist arthrofibrosis and the implementation of artificial intelligence in hand surgery.

The aim of Marco Keller is to not only highlight the feasibility of the mentioned new technologies, but to prove their significance with high quality clinical trials. With a strong adherence to his clinical work, he knows that innovations will only be successful if they can be implemented in the – often stressful – daily routine of a hand surgery department. With their research, Marco Keller, his fellow researchers and industrial partners aim to critically test the use of new technologies in hand surgery, combine them into holistic solutions and exhibit true, measurable advantages for patients and their doctors.


Portrait Marco Keller

Dr. med. Marco Keller

Rheinstrasse 26
4410 Liestal, Switzerland

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Book chapters

R. Arora, K. Simon, M. Keller, M. Blauth. 3.4. Elbow. AO Trauma – Osteoporotic Fracture Care – Medical and Surgical Management (2018)