Nano-Argovia-Programm“ des Swiss Nanoscience Institute

Nano2: A bioresponsive nano-in-nano composite for drug delivery and tissue regeneration in peri-implantitis

Peri-implant inflammations represent serious diseases after dental implant treatment, which affect the surrounding hard and soft tissue. Due to prevalence rates up to 56%, peri-implantitis can lead to the loss of the implant without prevention and therapy concepts. For the treatment of peri-implant disease, various conservative approaches are available, for example the application of systemic as well as local antibiotics. Most of current therapy approaches aim at eliminating the bacterial infection. However, a treatment strategy that possesses antimicrobial as well as regenerative potential is still missing. Hence, our goal will be the development of an easily applicable construct, based on self-assembling peptides that possess antimicrobials as well as regenerative potential. To this end, our idea will be to use self-assembling peptides, which can form supramolecular structures such as nanofibrillar matrices, which can immobilize a variety of nanocapsules. With this technique, we can support the physiological wound healing process, by the delivery of local antibiotics, encapsulated in nanocapsules with variable combinations and concentrations.