Material overview

Welcome to our comprehensive 3D printing materials page! We're thrilled to have you explore the diverse array of cutting-edge materials that fuel our innovative technologies.

To make your exploration seamless, we've organized the materials by technology. Simply click on the material of interest, and voila! Dive into a treasure trove of detailed information, providing insights into each material's unique characteristics, applications, and specifications. It's our commitment to empower you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions for your 3D printing endeavors.

Did u know?

U dont have to decide on a Material your self.
You can simply contact us and describe your Project or send a file to us.
We will take care of the rest and suggest the best fitting technology and Material for your application.

This "Material Wiki" is designed to provide all the neccessary informations about all our Materials. The Material-sites are layered, starting from easy to understand descriptions diving down deeper and deeper into specifics all the way down to technical datasheets.

SLS (Lasersinter)

CJP (Fullcolor)

DLM (Metal)