Focal Area Imaging, Modelling & Analysis

Imaging and diagnostic tools in general are fostering advances in personalized medicine by providing a deeper understanding of the structure and function of the human body. Imaging in particular has undergone significant technological changes over the last decades and its boundaries are still being pushed beyond imagination thanks to the progress made in in sillico technologies. As an example, Deep Learning and Virtual Reality are revolutionizing education and patient communication, but also intervention planning and surgery.

This competence cluster aims at shaping the future of medical imaging by coordinating a large spectrum of research projects ranging from methods and instrumentation for MRI, image analysis and navigation, breath metabolic screening, shortsightedness understanding, but also forensic medicine. The research we develop is application-driven and is highly translational, not only across the different focal areas of the Department, but also across disciplines at the Basel University Hospital and Basel Children hospital.


Quantitative Biomedical Imaging Group (qbig)


The Adaptable MRI Technology Center has moved to Aberdeen!