Magnetic Resonance Physics & Methodology

Nuclear magnetic resonance has been a game changer in the history of medicine. Other than x-rays, magnetic resonance unveils data with exceptional soft tissue sensitivity. As a result, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), developed in the early 1970ies, has powered the astounding progress of medicine in the past fifty years. And it still does. Any enhancement in the field of MRI potentially triggeres enhancement in diagnosis, treatment and monitoring. And despite intensive research and substantial progress, MR-technology still shows a vast unexploited potential. Realizing these potentials by way of research and development is one of the most important challenges in state-of-the-art biomedical engineering.

The Magnetic Resonance Physics and Methodology Group (MRPM) is not only one of the power house to much of DBE´s research on and with images, it is also a higly innovative research group on its own. Our research lies within the University of Basel’s most important focal area „life sciences“. It is focused on basic research in the fundamentals of magnetic resonance physics, and on the development of dedicated MR methods for applications in the field of biophysical, biochemical, and clinical sciences.  For instance we have developed a wide range of methods for biochemical and biophysical tissue characterization, catheter tracking or real-time feed-back procedures for MR-guided interventions. We are tayloring MR methods for preclinical and clinical research from low to ultra-high fields and develop methods for motion tracking of organs down to the magnitude of single cells. We have developed methods to obtain structural and functional MR-data and images of the lung, which has challenged MRI for the longest time. The group is also active in the field of MR methods development for X-nuclei imaging (23Na, 19F) and MR spectroscopy (31P).

We are operating and responsible for the human 3T MRI research platform (Siemens Magnetom Prisma) of the University of Basel. With our expertise, we offer dedicated and innovative MR functionality (including x-nuclei imaging capabilities) and knowledge to a wide range of internal and external research groups within the University of Basel and the University Hospital Basel.

The MRPM is located right in the heart of University Hospital Basel. It therefore also works as a strong link between the research and development performed at DBE and the work of clinicians at University Hospital. The Magnetic Resonance Physics and Methodology Group therefore is one of the pillars of DBE main aim: enabling patient specific research for a science based treatment.

We receive(d) and acknowledge financial support of the Swiss National Science (SNF) Foundation for our research and engagement in magnetic resonance physics and methodology for various projects. Due to the specific routines, our past and present research projects are not presented by own subpages, but in form of the following list. In case of questions please contact Prof. Dr Oliver Bieri.

Running and recently finished research projects are listed below.


Prof. Dr Oliver Bieri
Head of MRPM
Gewerbestrasse 14
4123 Allschwil

SNF 320030_163330: Ultrasound guided motion mitigation of proton therapy in the lung. Principal Investigator: Weber, Damien Charles Co-Applicants: Salomir, Rares; Guckenberger, Matthias; Cattin, Philippe; Bieri, Oliver; Lomax, Tony. CHF 474’000

SNF 320030_156860: Development, validation and application of novel strategies for MRI data acquisition, image registration and segmentation of the spinal cord in patients affected by multiple sclerosis. Principal Investigator: Bieri, Oliver Co-Applicants: Cattin, Philippe; Kappos, Ludwig; CHF 499’000

SNF 325230_153332: Development of New Quantitative Steady State Magnetic Resonance Imaging Concepts for Fast High-Resolution Relaxometry of Living Tissue. Principal Investigator: Bieri, Oliver; CHF 371’026 

SNF 320030_149576: Synergetic Development of Steady State Imaging Concepts and Registration Methods for In-Vivo Functional and Morphological Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Lung in Paediatric Pneumology. Principal Investigator: Cattin, Philippe; Co-Applicants: Frey, Urs; Bieri, Oliver; Latzin, Philipp; CHF 473’394 

SNF CR23I2_147172. Micro- and nanoanatomy of human brain tissues. Principal Investigator: Müller, Bert Co-Applicants: Müller-Gerbl, Magdalena; Bunk, Oliver; Bieri, Oliver; CHF 300’000 

SNF CR33I3_143980: Minimally invasive ablation of liver malignancies using MRgHIFU: Pilot Studies in Clinical Research. Principal Investigator: Terraz, Sylvain Co-Applicants: Salomir, Rares; Becker, Christoph; Cattin, Philippe; Bieri, Oliver; CHF 550’000

SNF 325230_132906. Development of fast quantitative diffusion and transverse relaxation time magnetic resonance steady state imaging concepts for living tissue. Principal Investigator: Bieri, Oliver Co-Applicants: Klaus Scheffler; CHF 294’604

SNF 32500_118377. Development of new magnetic resonance acquisition concepts for magnetization transfer and oscillating steady state imaging. Principal Investigator: Klaus Scheffler, Co-Applicants: Bieri, Oliver; CHF 283’300

Swiss National Science Foundation. 2017: Development and Clinical Validation of Magnetic Resonance Methods for the Functional Imaging and Spectroscopy of Skeletal Muscles by Means of Synchronized Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Principal Investigator: Dr. F. Santini: CHF 496,000